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At Seek and Find Experts (SAFE), our approach to early bed bug detection is assertive and proactive.

Through scent detection, our canines identify the presence of bed bugs, which we then verify for accuracy.

Once any impacted spaces have been treated, our team offers services to confirm successful bed bug elimination.
SAFE Dogs Services Offered
Certified Canine Scent Detection

Our dogs are trained to quickly identify bed bugs and how far the problem has spread.

Seek and Find Experts will let you know exactly where bed bugs are present so you only have to treat areas that have been affected. This preemptive method of bed bug detection saves you time and money.

Bed bugs are known to be resilient and can travel quickly; time is of the essence in bed bug detection, it is important to ensure that there are no survivors.  Once the designated area(s) has been treated, Seek and Find Inc. offers a follow up service to ascertain eradication was successful.

Our Dogs - Extraordinary Bed Bug Detectors

The dogs at SAFE, Cali and Asher came from Arkansas via California where they were exclusively trained as bed bug scent detection dogs. Both dogs are fully certified and have been successfully hunting down bed bugs in Alberta for over 5 years. Both Cali and Asher, have earned a well-respected reputation for their accuracy in identifying bed bug infestations. And just to be sure, SAFE verifies all positive indications of bed bugs to ensure you receive an accurate report.

The Industries We Proudly Serve.

SAFE specializes in bed bug detection for the following industries:
1 - Bed bug detection
Property Management: Apartments, condos, homes, offices
2 - Identify bed bugs
Tourism: Hotels (short & long term), motels, lodges and vacation properties in Northern Alberta
3 - Hypoallergenic Dogs
Long Term Care: Senior facilities, long term residences including lodges and care facilities for people with disabilities
4 - No Elimination Services
Remote Lodging/Camps: The majority of our work is with remote lodging and camps.

Service Details

SAFE reason 1
Our approach is assertive and proactive canines for early detection.
SAFE reason 2
The practice of continuously inspecting rooms is the only safe way to ensure the spreading of bed bugs is stopped.
SAFE reason 3
Canines accurately and quickly identify problem areas.
SAFE reason 4
Accurate identification of impacted areas save time and money.
SAFE reason 5
SAFE Inc. offers follow up inspections to ensure the bed bugs are eradicated.
SAFE reason 6
Bed bugs are resilient and can travel quickly, it is important to ensure that there are no survivors.

Our Certified Dogs

Both K9s are hypoallergenic, fixed and very polite. They are groomed and bathed regulary with nails trimmed.
#9, 3221 119 NW, Edmonton, AB
SAFE Seek & Find Experts